Make in India & Digital India




‘Make in India’ is a Swadeshi movement started in 2014, devised to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. The main objective of the movement is to encourage manufacturing in Indian industries, raise employment opportunities, foster innovation and improve the Indian economy. The manufacturing sector contributes to only 15% of GDP in India. That explains the campaign's intent to establish a better economy in the country.

We support the ‘Make in India' movement and contribute to its cause. Our main aim is to boost Indian sellers and take their products worldwide. We reach out to Indian sellers who focus on manufacturing authentic products that portray Indian culture and roots. We take such products and make them reach to every nook and corner of the world. Our priority is to take India to the Indians living abroad who have the thirst for Indian products. Reason, we can take a person out of India, but not India out of a person.



Digital India is a flagship programme introduced by the Government of India. The main objective of the programme is to transform India into a digitally advanced nation. As part of the same, digital services like cashless transactions, online businesses were encouraged to simplify day-to-day activities. The programme aspires to amend the digital literacy of citizens and establish digital identity for each citizen.

We, at Mantra mall, endeavour to make lives better by contributing our bit to the Digital India programme. Our team continuously works on educating and encouraging Indian sellers in establishing their businesses online. Keeping this in mind, we built our platform user-friendly for both sellers and buyers. Quality and security are the two things we never compromise on. Mantra mall is a market place for everyone, from amateurs to professionals. Together, let’s make India globally digital!