Our Story

It all started with the idea of making shopping affordable for Indians living abroad. We knew online shopping was the way to do it. But we wanted to build a platform that is more of a community than a mere marketplace.

Diving deep into it, we decided to focus exclusively on Indian brands anywhere from the remotest areas of the country to the metropolitan cities. With our platform, we strive to break the barriers of distance. For the journey of Indian culture from the corners of the country to diverse parts of the world, we decided to be the channel.

Indian culture is vast and profound. In India, most artisans come from occupational groups followed for centuries. For them, it is not just an occupation, rather, a way of living. With emerging technology and modernization, these groups are being diluted. Lack of exposure and recognition are the primary reasons behind it. With MantraMall, we help them conquer these differences. We steer them to keep going by engaging a platform to showcase what they are good at.

Preserving Indian roots and taking them to Indians all throughout the world is where our motive lies. With MantraMall, India arrives at your doorstep!