Shipping Policy
Delivery charges

We have standard delivery charges of 130 INR for all orders within India.

Delivery time

It usually takes 5-7 business days to deliver your order. However, delivery time may depend on the following factors:

  • The respective seller.
  • Availability of products with the seller.
  • Location of seller.
  • Location of buyer with respect to seller.
Business days

Business days exclude weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays or any day when services are stalled. For International orders, business days might different as compared to that of India. Hence, delivery is done accordingly.

Shipping denial

If the seller cannot deliver your products, it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Whether the seller is able to ship to your location.
  • Whether the delivery services are available in your location.
  • Legal restrictions subject to the country where buyer and/or seller resides.
Cash On Delivery (COD)

Currently, we are not accepting COD for international orders. Within India, COD option is available with applicable additional charges. In the case of any changes in this, you will be notified.

Out of stock

‘Out of stock’ or ‘temporarily unavailable’ means the product is not in stock with the seller at the moment. You can keep checking to see if the products are back again in stock.

Product availability

The products available in one country may not be available in the other. Some products are sold in specific countries only.

International shipping

Our services are available within India as well as worldwide. However, shipping charges aren’t the same for International and Indian orders.

Returns & Exchange

As of now, we are not accepting any returns or exchanges for international orders. For orders within India we will start accepting returns/exchange once the situation gets normal. In case we change this feature in future, you will be notified.

Undelivered packages

Your package will be undelivered under the following cases:

  • If the package is damaged in the transit.
  • If the address provided by the recipient is incorrect.
  • If the package is declined by the recipient.
  • After 3 failed attempts of delivery in the case where no one is available to collect the package.
  • Due to Covid-19, we are unable to deliver to all the regions unless the government of the state/country permits. This is temporary and we’ll soon be able to deliver to all regions without any hassle.

All such packages will be returned back to the source. In the case that you need the product, you can place the order again.

Tracking Orders

You can track your order in the My orders section on your profile. If you have an issue tracking your order there, please contact us.

Missing packages

If your order is delivered but you are unable to find it, check your email or SMS for the delivery information. If it shows that your order is delivered, please check with your neighbors, friends, security guard, alternate contact provided (if any) to know if they have collected on your behalf. If you still cannot find your order, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

In case of any other queries regarding shipping and delivery you can contact us.