Terms Of Use

Use of MantraMall is restricted only to persons of age above 18 years in accordance to the Indian Contract Act 1872. If you are below 18 years, you can buy only under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Providing fraudulent information or performing anything that implies otherwise is considered as a fault on your side and MantraMall has all the rights to refuse your access to our website without any notice.

Account Information

When you sign up onto our website, you must make sure you are providing genuine and accurate information about your name, age and any other details asked for. Any fallacious information if comes into our notice may result in termination of your account temporarily or permanently.

If you log in to our website, you are expected to take the whole responsibility of the privacy and security of your information provided. The information includes your login id, password, security questions, etc. Unauthorized access, irresolute login, change in personal details (password, phone number, etc.) in the absence of your notice are considered insecure. MantraMall does not take any responsibility for the above-mentioned issues.


The transactions you make on MantraMall while purchasing are entirely subject your device, it’s connectivity and the payment service you use. MantraMall is just a platform that enables you to purchase products and doesn’t have any control over the transactions made on the website by anyone.

Information Security

The information you share with us on our website is highly secure with us. We do not share information to any parties without your consent. However, if you redirect from our page to any other pages through advertisements or links where you share any information, MantraMall doesn't have any control over that. Moreover, while using our website, you are sharing your information like phone number, email-id, etc. By reading this you express your consent to receiving emails, messages and other electronic communication from us for contact purpose.


If any of the information/language you upload/use is found to be inappropriate, indecent, sexually explicit, promoting harassment or violence, defamatory, objectifying, deceptive, obscene and anything that is ethically or lawfully wrong, we are entitled to terminate your access to our website. You shall only use the website for lawful purposes. Thereby, you understand that information we receive from your device to ours accounts to you and you shall take the whole responsibility that it doesn’t fall into any of the above categories. In addition to that, as a user and found such content on our platform, please bring it into our notice by contacting us at info@mantramall.com so we can take that down.


Liable to your compliance with these Terms of Use and payment of pertinent charges, assuming any, MantraMall gives you a restricted permit to access and utilize this site, yet not to change it, or any part of it, without written consent of MantraMall and/or its associates, as might be relevant. This permit excludes any resale or business utilization of this site or its substance; any assortment and utilization of any item postings, portrayals, or costs; any subsidiary utilization of this site or its substance; any downloading or duplicating of record data to serve another vendor. Any portion of the website including the content (visual or written), trademarks, graphics, titles or any copyrighted information cannot be plagiarized, reproduced or exploited in any way without the written content of MantraMall.

Intellectual Property Claim

MantraMall and its affiliates regard anyone’s innovation and intellectual property. In case you believe that your protected intellectual rights have been utilized or exploited in a way that leads to concerns of infringement please bring it to our notice by contacting us at info@mantramall.com so that we can take a suitable action regarding the same.


We do not take any responsibility for your losses including transactions, expenditure, data, revenue and other such losses that aren’t under the control of MantraMall. The user understands and agrees that mantraMall doesn't provide compensation (monetary or otherwise) for any such losses.

Right to Edit/Delete Content

MantraMall has all the rights to edit/delete your information like images, comments, reviews, etc. that we consider are inappropriate, obscene, objectifying, pornographic, contains damageable information for users (like viruses) and are not in accordance with our terms of use with or without any notice.

Right to revise policies

MantraMall has the authority to make changes to our website, policies, and terms of use anytime without notifying you. You will be liable to the policies and terms of use existing at the time that you use the site or that you place orders from us.

Reimburse and Release

You will reimburse and release MantraMall, its affiliates, partners and its individual officials and employees from any claim emerging out of your violation of these terms of use or your infringement of any law, rules, guidelines or third-party regulations. You thus explicitly release MantraMall, its associates as well as any of its officials and agents from any cost, harm, risk or other result of any of the actions of the vendors and waiver any claims that you may have for this benefit under any rule, contract, etc.


All the terms of use mentioned above shall be seen, governed and interpreted in accordance with the existing laws of India at that time of use.


Please send any comments, questions, or enquiries you have about our website to info@mantramall.com